Brophy Law Firm - Sugar Land TX Divorce Lawyer

Getting Started

After gathering information on your own, the next step is to contact a reputable lawyer to schedule a consultation. At the consultation, you can ask questions and get advice regarding your specific family law situation.  The more you know about and understand your options, the less anxiety you will feel, and the better the decisions you are likely to make.

Step One - Contact our Office

Please call our office at 281-277-4141, and ask to speak to Mr. Brophy's legal assistant to schedule a consultation with Mr. Brophy.   If the assistant cannot speak with you at the time you call, she will return your call within 24 hours. 

You may send us an e-mail if you prefer, and we will respond to your e-mail that same day.

The reasons why we prefer to speak with you by phone initially:

  • To ask some specific questions that will help us better understand your legal problem and determine whether or not we can help you;
  • To check our conflicts list to make sure your spouse or another interested party has not previously met with us; and
  • Because e-mail is not the most secure and confidential way to convey personal information.

 If you were referred to us, we’d like to know about that, as well.  

Step Two - Meet with Mr. Brophy

Please bring copies of the following documents to your consultation:

  • Papers you have received from the other party or his/her lawyer, by mail or by service;
  • Prior Court Orders related to your current family law problem.  For example, you’ll need to bring a copy of your Divorce Decree if you are consulting with Mr. Brophy about a modification;
  • Property agreements, such as pre-marital agreements or post-marital agreements;  and
  • Any other documents relevant to what you want to discuss with Mr. Brophy (such as bank account records or real estate documents). 

A consultation usually lasts one hour.  A consultation fee may or may not be waived. 

During the consultation, Mr. Brophy (“Mike”) will answer your questions; provide you with information relevant to your case; and discuss timing, costs, and the amount of your retainer.

Step Three - Hire a Lawyer

Consulting with a lawyer does not result in hiring a lawyer.  You have to decide whether the lawyer is a good fit for you and your situation.  The lawyer has to decide whether he/she can help you with your family law problem. Do not hesitate to interview more than one lawyer before making a final decision. 

People who are getting a divorce often feel vulnerable and lost.  Remember that Mr. Brophy has a unique family of his own.  He, too, has personally experienced the pain of divorce.  After enduring that emotionally and financially devastating chapter in his life, Mr. Brophy dedicated himself to developing a Family Law practice that would, whenever and wherever possible, help parties find ways to avoid the trauma of a traditional divorce proceeding.

If you decide to hire Mr. Brophy, you will be asked to pay a retainer.  That retainer will be deposited into our trust account so that your funds are segregated from our firm’s operating funds.  By law, the interest on your money will be sent to the State Bar of Texas to fund legal-aid programs for the indigent.

At the time you pay the requested retainer, you will sign an engagement letter.  That engagement letter will be the employment contract between you and our firm.