Family Law Services

It’s important, of course, to identify the subject area that addresses your family’s need.  Once you’ve made that determination, you’ll need to gather as much information as possible so that you and your attorney can decide how best to proceed.  The more you know and understand, the better the decisions you are likely to make.

In Texas, most of the law governing family issues is found in the Texas Family Code.  Some law, though – usually referred to as “common law” – is not found in the Family Code, but has developed over time as Texas Appellate Courts have decided past family law cases. 

Our firm represents individuals who have all sorts of family law issues.  Click on an area of law listed below, and you’ll find a very brief, generic description of Texas law on that subject.  For an analysis of how Texas law may apply in your specific situation, you will need to meet with Mr. Brophy.